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Get Your Life Back on Track with Reliable, Professional and Experienced Personal Injury and Auto Accident Claims Services in California
Traffic accidents are one of the main causes of injuries and deaths today. When you live in highly populated areas, you live with an increased risk for being involved in car accidents and traffic collisions.

Hundreds and thousands of California residents are severely injured every year in accidents or due to the negligence of third party or lack of safety compliances. Some injuries are catastrophic while some have even proven fatal. In order to recover from a car accident or any kind of accident, you or your family member or friends need days and months of constant therapy or rehabilitation. While dealing with your insurance claims in California, it is important that you have reliable and experienced personal injury attorney from auto-accident-claims.

Auto-accident-claim offers a wide range of personal injury and accident legal services in California. Whether you are injured in car accident, motor cycle accident or lost any loved one due to accident, then you may be entitled for compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault-driver. You can claim for the wrongful death using personal injury attorney services from auto-accident-claims. We have a proven track record in obtaining settlements and verdicts that recognizes maximum value of clients claims. We have highly experience and professional personal injury lawyers and accident lawyers in our team.

Our personal injury and auto accident claims includes:

  • Car Accident Claims
  • Motor Cycle Accident Claims
  • Bicycle Accident Claims
  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Injury in Brain or Spine Claims
  • Abuse at Nursing Homes or Long-Term Care Facilities Claims
  • Wrongful Death Claims

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How does Personal Injury Attorneys at Auto-Accident-Claims work?

The common notion among people is that hiring lawyers is a costly deal, however it is a misconception. Unlike complicated law firms, Auto-Accident-Claims works in a simple and contingency fee basis. In simple terms, you just pay when we win the case. We have hundreds of successful car accidents claims and auto accidents claims in our portfolio. Several auto accident cases in California have been settled even without visiting the court. While choosing a personal attorney in California, it is important to know the trial experience the lawyer will be able offer, if in case of litigation.

Our specialists team consists of highly qualified and experienced team of personal injury attorneys and accident attorneys. We assign the case to one of the specialist who will be in contact with you on regular basis from inception till end. Our format of client servicing and professional approach makes customer assistance much easier and smoother process.

Why Clients Trust Auto-Claims-Accidents Legal Services?

  • We do not charge for evaluation of your cases : No Fee For Case Evaluation
  • We do not charge anything from our clients unless we win : Pay Only For Win
  • We ensure that you get right medication before the case is settled : Proper Medication Before Case Settlement
  • Free Consultation with Personal Injury Lawyers and Auto Accident Lawyers : No Charges For Consultation

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Lynch Daskal Emery LLP was founded in 2006 by James R. Lynch, Bernard Daskal and Scott R. Emery. LDE offers a wide range of litigation services. Our personal injury division is led by founding partner Bernard Daskal, who has over fifteen years of experience in litigating cases involving medical malpractice and injuries caused by negligent conditions, drugs, and products. Bernard has also co-counseled with lawyers across the country to prosecute personal injury claims.

Remember, due to certain laws you may only have limited time to file a claim:

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